Constantin Gurdgiev

Constantin Gurdgiev
Professor of Finance, Trinity College

Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev is the Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance with Trinity College, Dublin, and a co-Founder and Director of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation, Ltd. Dr. Gurdgiev advises a range of international clients on macroeconomic and geopolitical risks and environments in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, with core focus on capital markets and investment. He also serves as advisor to a number of startups in data analytics and financial services and as the Chairman of Ireland Russia Business Association.

In the past, Dr. Gurdgiev served as the Head of Research with St Columbanus AG (Switzerland), the Head of Macroeconomics with the Institute for Business Value, IBM, Director of Research with NCB Stockbrokers, Ltd, and Group Editor and Director of Business & Finance Publications.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Dr. Gurdgiev was educated in the University of California, Los Angeles, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University and Trinity College, Dublin.

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