David Aranzabal

David Aranzabal
Founder of FX for a living trading school

Founder of FX for a living, a trading school (specializing in forex education) and Forex Day®, the biggest Spanish forex event in the world, David Aranzabal has a degree in software engineering from Deusto University and a MBA from IESE Business School, he has founded 2 successful software companies for internet services, since 2004 he is full time trader and expert in forex markets.

David is a regular contributor to the main Spanish media and has presented for over 100 live trading sessions and over 1.000 free webinars to date, his youtube and vimeo chanel is number 1 trading with more than 700.000 plays, his trading ideas have been translated to 20 different languages and have been published in more than 100 countries.

He has been the only Spanish trader working for international brokers as chief technical analyst, David is considered one of the most emblematic people in forex in Spain and Latin America.

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