Piotr Pushkarev

Piotr Pushkarev
Chief analyst at TeleTrade

In 1993 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University (MIPT). Engaged in publishing, translating philosophical texts, including comments on the Upanishads and other ancient texts.

Since 1997 - a professional trader, asset manager and financial analyst, having caught trading by means of the phone before the Internet popularization.

Author of the book "The Art of Being Still. Mechanisms of making trading decisions in the Forex market”. Prepared and carried out the extensive series of illustrated training programs, released on CD. Also known as the author of numerous articles, which clearly and accurately disclose the logic behavior of currencies and other financial instruments, sometimes breaking stable stereotypes.

Regularly comments on market development on RBC TV and radio. Keeps his own blog i-like-tp.com, which is popular among both beginners and experienced traders.

Piotr is fond of self-knowledge practices and travel. Hundreds of people attended Piotr’s seminars and workshops in different cities and countries. For many people such practice is not only an important mark on the way to deeper understanding of the market and improving their trade methods, but also to some extent, a good school of life.

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